First Sustainable’s primary focus is to exploit the aggregation of compelling nascent and mature clean energy, real estate and institutional related asset classes, characterized by securitizable cash flows. Our team of accomplished structured finance and investment professionals seeks to innovate proprietary, bespoke financing solutions to facilitate the most efficient and profitable financing of such assets.

First Sustainable was originally formed in March 2009. Through the middle of 2011, First Sustainable concentrated its efforts largely on Western European solar PV projects, by developing an innovative, first-to-market structured finance solution to build and aggregate large portfolios of such projects. Since then, First Sustainable has focused primarily on developing nascent, scalable, market based financial solutions to support meaningful sustainable commercial transactions.

Our priority is to target large commercial and utility scale green projects. We were founded on the vision of facilitating the proliferation of sustainable development within the framework of market driven financing solutions. We endeavor to emphasize transactions that promote sustainability and a favorable social impact, which include green energy and efficiency projects, sustainable commercial real estate developments and impact oriented institutions and organizations.

At First Sustainable, we generally seek to engineer our financial solutions to provide for permanent debt financing, through the issuance of long-term, asset backed securities. Such bonds can often provide the most efficient leverage possible, and thereby, the lowest cost of capital. When appropriate bank and institutional lending will be pursued, to the extent doing so would generate the most favorable result.